Saturday, January 30, 2010

LP Crow

Just something I was screwing around with. I wanted to see how far I could get with him in about about an hour (and that included finding some references). Still needs wings. Could go either way on the poly count pretty easily here depending on what I decide to do with him. In the nonwire, the left is turbo smoothed and the right is just with smoothing groups.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hunter Final

Posed and tweaked. I did a rudimentary rig in 3ds max to pose him. Otherwise just some minor changes (probably hardly noticable). Steven Wells did the Low Poly model of the character. All other props I made. All texturing was done in zBrush. Painting was also done in zBrush with some map tweaks followed up in Photoshop. I've also attached in a dirty image of the gun that was imported to Fallout 3 (texture for that one was done in Photoshop using the original zBrush as the base).